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Vietnamese Girls: How To Get Them In Bed

girls in vietnam

Vietnam has become a popular destination for tourists with their delicious food, beautiful landscape and sexy Vietnamese girls. One of a kind, Vietnamese girls differ from the rest of the SE Asian pack with their conservative culture influenced by China. With conservative culture comes a harder game when trying to bang Vietnamese girls. Fear not dudes, […]

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Chinese Girls: How To Get Them Home

Dating in China

jWhat the world is missing out on is Chinese girls. With the hype being around Japanese and Korean girls, Chinese girls get left in the dust. For those reading this, you are in luck! The market is still left untapped and ready for you. From their cute smiles to kitchen skills, Chinese girls will have […]

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Japanese Girls: Getting Laid in Japan

Japanese Girls

Japan has one of the most fascinating cultures in the world, with the women to match. Japanese girls are quirky, sexy and the funniest girls you will meet in your travels. Picking them up is easy too! As a foreigner, you are one step ahead of the competition… all it takes is a little game. […]

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Thai Girls: How To Get Laid in Thailand

Thai Women

Thailand has become a travellers playground with their high exchange rates, tolerance for debauchery and cute Thai girls. The culture in Thailand is warm and welcoming, giving this country the nickname, “The Land of Smiles”. Thailand was one of the first places I travelled in after South America and I can’t say I was disappointed. […]

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How To Get Filipina Women

Filipina Girls

The Philippines can be your best friend or worst enemy for picking up hot Filipina girls. Although petite and sexy, Filipina girls have been known to lure Caucasian men with the intentions of financial gain and cultural freedom. With the chance of obtaining a visa, Filipina women will latch onto wealthy white dudes with the […]

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