Tips on Dating Mexican Women

Mexican girls

When it comes to women in Latin countries, Mexican girls are probably the most traditional. Its’ not necessarily a bad thing, especially if you are interested in dating women from Mexico. By traditional, I mean family oriented with high moral values. In Mexican culture guys are those who are dominant, therefore, a Mexican woman expects […]

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VietnamCupid Review: Meet Vietnamese Women Online

Meet Vietnamese Women

Most Westerners hearing the name Vietnam will immediately recall one of the war films they’ve watched. Fortunately for you, those terrible times are over, and these days the fascinating cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) now welcome foreign men with open arms. Even better, the woman there want to make love not […]

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Getting to Know and Dating German Women

German Girls

If you are a foreigner who is visiting Germany or an expat who is living here, you will probably want to meet a girl or two during your stay. I have a friend from England who once told me how he went to Oktoberfest in Munich and was surprised that most of the girls don’t […]

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ThaiCupid Review: Meet Thai Women Online

Okay, we’ve all heard jokes about lady boys from Bangkok, and sex tourism in Thailand is infamous, but there is another side to this wonderful country, a long history of culture and refined manners that puta ours to shame. And if you’re serious about finding love online, and you’re interested in finding a Thai soulmate, […]

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Berlin City Guide: A Hipster Paradise that offers Excitement and Adventure

berlin main

Known for its historical landmarks, architecture, and vibrant nightlife, Berlin is  one of the most popular cities in all of Germany. It attracts millions of visitors yearly. From business people and families with children, to alternative students and artists. What makes Berlin different to other cities in the country is that its residents come from […]

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Guide to Meeting and Dating Ukrainian Women

Girls in Ukraine

What is the best way to describe girls in Ukraine and what makes them different from women in other countries?  First of all, they are known to be charming, elegant, and dead gorgeous. If you ever walked the streets of major cities in Ukraine you probably noticed straight away the number of good looking women. […]

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Brazil Cupid Review: Meet Brazilian Women Online

Meet Brazilian Women Online

If you’re looking for Latin love and, more specifically, you’re looking for Brazilian women online, then Brazil Cupid is the dating site that you need to sign up for. Brazil is a country of beauty whether you are looking at the lush tropical landscapes, the beautiful cities… or even the beautiful women. And these women […]

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