9 Things You Should Know About Italian Girls

Italian Girls

Known for their attractive looks and cheerful spirit, Italian women are on every man’s dating bucket list. However, if you are thinking about dating an Italian Girl, you will have to go the extra mile and win her heart. Here are a couple of pointers about Italian girls in general and what they look for in a man.

She is Super Passionate

If you were ever in a company of Italians, you probably know that they are crazy passionate about pretty much any topic. An Italian girl puts her soul and heart into everything she cares about in life.  Yes, she can be loud sometimes and look like she’s going to have a heart attack any second, but that’s just part of her culture and how she is raised to behave. Look at it on the bright side, maybe she will transfer all that passion into the bedroom and make you the happiest man in the world.

Girls in Italy

Italian Women are Proud of their Culture

Italy is a beautiful country with plenty of sightseeing attractions and Italians are very proud of their culture and heritage. Most of them will tell you all about how their region is the best and explain why that is, but you should also show interest and read up a bit about Italian culture. If you want to impress a chick from Italy, knowing a bit about the history of regions like Veneto and Tuscany will definitely help. Women love when a man shows interest in them, as well as in their country.

She is good at Arguing

If there’s one thing Italian girls are good at, it’s arguing. She doesn’t care who is right and who is wrong, it’s all about the thrill and excitement of getting her point out there. Keep in mind that because of all the years spent on arguing, she has become quite good at it. These skills are passed on to her from her parents and her parents got good at arguing while they were watching their parents argue. If you think that you can beat an Italian girl in arguing, you better think twice before going down that road.

Dating in Italy

Family is everything

Girls from Italy are extremely close to their families. You should prepare yourself for meeting her parents and close and distant relatives sooner or later. Her father is just waiting for you to make a mistake and break her heart, so he can have a good reason to explain to you not only with words how his daughter means the world to him. All of the cousins and relatives will jump right in to help him make you understand the mistake you made.

Italians are Crazy about Wine

It’s really difficult to count how many bottles of wine Italians drink in one week. Your Italian girlfriend likes to drink while preparing pasta for lunch while eating lunch, and during her resting time in the afternoon. In the evening, expect more wine on the table. Of course, every second relative of hers has a wine cellar in his house and refusing to drink at least 8 glasses at family gatherings means that you are being disrespectful. Expect to be laughed at when you start slurring words after the second bottle, as Italians can drink a lot of vino!

Italian Girls

An Italian Girl Loves a Gentleman

When it comes to men in their lives, Italian girls are raised to believe they deserve the best of their partners. She will expect from you to be a real man and treat her in the nicest way possible, meaning pouring her wine, paying the bill, and loving her unconditionally. You will need to learn when it’s expected of you to be tough and when to show your sensitive side. Remember, Italian families’ treat their daughters like princesses, therefore, the same is expected from you.

You Need to Respect Her

Loyalty and devotion are the two main things that an Italian girl wants from her partner. She won’t stand for any bullshit, especially from someone who is not from her country. Work on your manners if you want to impress her and have a lasting relationship. An Italian girl wants a guy who can keep his promises and treat her with the respect she deserves. All those stereotypes of Italian men who are cheating on their women are a thing of the past and you won’t find many girls from Italy that will tolerate this kind of behavior.

Italian Girls Are All About Style

Girls from Italy are very fashionable. It’s no wonder since Milan is the fashion capital of the world. Of course, you will see an Italian girl wearing an old Ramones t-shirt while at home, but in case she decides to go out, expect smoky eyes, sexy dress, big hair, and glossy lips. If you tell her that you are taking her out, she will definitely dress the part and win your heart with her charming looks.

Dating Girls in Italy

She Appreciates Confidence in Men

Italian girls are generally not interested that much in guys who lack confidences and will rather date a man who is self-assured and knows what he wants. If you are planning to date a chick from Italy, you need to show her that you are a reliable person, which means that you can take care of her. They also like it when a guy gives her compliments and is not scared to share his feelings. An Italian girl also might expect to be pursued in the beginning and play hard-to-get, but once you win her heart she will appreciate you in every way.

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