Athens City Guide: The Birthplace of Democracy


Rich in history and culture, Athens is modern city that is much more that a relic of its glorious past. Explore the spectacular ancient ruins and go on a pub crawl in the evening. If you are interested in meeting girls, Athens is packed with gorgeous chicks who love to party.

Some of the must-see attractions in the city include the amazing Acropolis, Pantheon, Acropolis Museum, and Monastiraki. Get lost in the pedestrian streets of the Plaka district and check out the amazing Syntagma Square.

Athens is also famous for its museums such as Benaki Museum, Byzantine and Christian Museum, and Herakleidon Art Museum.

Nightlife in Athens

The nightlife in Athens is equally fascinating as its historical landmarks. The bars here come in various styles. For trendy bars, go to Kolonaki. Alternative joints can be found close to Monastiraki, while Karytsi and Syntagma square are reserved for elegant cocktail bars.


One of the most well-known and popular bars in the city, Brettos is famous for its authentic interior and locally produced liqueurs. The owners prepare their own drinks which come in more than 25 flavors including ouzo, mastiha, cherry, lemon, and many others.

You will also find an impressive wine list and hundreds of bottles decorating the walls of Brettos. There is usually soft music playing in the background and the place is always packed with both travelers and locals.

Best Bars in Athens

Club Blend

If you are looking for a venue that plays live electronic dance music, Club Blend is the place to go. Opened 2 decades ago, this amazing club hosted numerous DJ acts including Luciano, Fedde Le Grand, Tiesto, and many others.

The capacity of the club is around 800 people and the dance floor is full with hot girls from Athens on the weekends. .There is a chance that you will need to wait in line in front of the venue, due to a high number of visitors. Also, keep in mind that drinks are a bit on the expensive side.

Best Bars in Athens

Galaxy Bar and Restaurant

Located on the rooftop of the Hilton hotel in Athens, Galaxy bar and restaurant offers amazing views of the city and an elegant atmosphere. It’s quite modern in terms of design and features a glass top bar and a wooden decking. On the menu, you will find a variety of drinks including awesome cocktails such as Molecular Cloud with vodka, Andromeda Secret, and Metaxa Passion.

The food at Galaxy Bar and Restaurant is delicious. Make sure to try the tasty Salmon Avocado and the crispy Dynamic Shrimp Duo. I ordered a lamb fillet with orzo, gruyere cheese, dehydrated onion, baked tomato and morel mushrooms. It was spectacular. I also like that the bar hosts celebrity DJ performances and stays open until late at night.

Best Bars in Athens

Baba au Rum

Opened in 2009, Baba au Rum is one of the first cocktail bars in Athens and focuses on drinks based on rum. The interior features furniture from the 60s and there is also an outdoor space with small tables. Try the homemade bitters and syrups.

You will also find classic cocktails on the drink menu such as Margaritas and Bloody Mary’s. The crowd consists of young people and there are many expats and tourists drinking cocktails at Baba au Rum. It is the only bar in the city that has made its way to the list of Worlds 50 best bars.

Best Bars in Athens

Girls in Athens

Greek girls love to dance, have a huge respect for family, and take pride in their appearance. Most of them live for festive celebrations and are passionate about everything they do. Culture and tradition are both important to women from Greece, so in order to draw their attention, make sure to read up on Greek culture before your get to Athens.

Greek women will voice their opinions and are great conversationalists. I don’t know if they get this from their famous ancestors, but girls in Athens can talk for hours without boring anyone who is present. They also like going out in big groups and it’s not unusual seeing a group of 15 friends having drinks at a bar. Keep in mind that people in Greece go out late and are used to having dinner in a restaurant at 10 pm.

Athens Girls

Where to Meet a Girl in Athens?

Since Greek girls are easy-going and friendly, meeting a girl in Athens is not that hard. You can meet a nice chick through mutual friends, via online dating apps, or at a bar, restaurant, or a nightclub. Be aware that Greek girls care about tradition and won’t let you take them home after a round of drinks. They like to meet and get to know the person before engaging in anything else.

If you want to set a date with a Greek girl before your trip to Athens, go online install the local greekdates app.  You can also try Tinder or other world-famous dating apps.  In case you prefer walking up to girls, learn some basic Greek phrases and head out to the University, public park, bookstore, or an outdoor bar. Most of the girls in Greece understand English, especially in a huge city like Athens.

Top First Date Ideas in Athens

In case you end up dating a girl from Greece, you will definitely have to choose nice places to go together on dates. Head out to the Aeropagus for a killer sunset or visit the Watson Mill, a cute picturesque waterfall area just outside the city. You can also explore the National Garden of Athens together and climb the Lycabettus Hill for spectacular city views.

In the evening check out some of the most romantic bars and restaurants and bars in the city. Go to Kolokotroni Street and discover why Noel bar is always packed with couples on dates. Cafe Avyssinias is a small romantic tavern located in the middle of the flea market. For those who don’t mind spending a couple of extra euros, I recommend the amazing two Michelin star Funky Gourmet Athens Restaurant.

Where to go on a date in Athens

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