Belgrade City Guide: An Adventurous Place with Beautiful Girls

The capital of Serbia, Belgrade is well-known for its amazing architecture, vibrant atmosphere, and plenty of nightclubs where you can meet all kinds of girls. I like to call it “The city in Europe that never sleeps”, simply because most of the bars and clubs here work really late, and there are also many shops that are open 24/7 where you can score booze anytime you want.

If this is your first time in Belgrade, don’t be surprised if the locals in bars insist on buying you rakija, best described as moonshine or schnapps. Your throat will probably burn as hell after the first shot, but you’ll get used to this authentic Serbian drink eventually. People in Serbia are known to be very friendly, most of them like drinking and smoking a lot, and the food they prepare here is absolutely delicious. The girls are beautiful and most of them are open-minded.

Bars and Clubs in Belgrade

The first thing I noticed in the city is that most of the bars and clubs allow smoking, which is kind of unusual for cities in Europe and a turn-off for some people, but in the end, everyone gets used to it. The good news is that drinks in most of the places are cheap when you compare them to other capitals of Europe.

For instance, a shot of rakija, a glass of wine, and a bottle of beer will usually cost you around 2 euros each, which is kind of great especially for tourists from Western countries. The music in clubs is loud and the parties last until sunrise. What’s there not to like? Here is a list of bars and clubs that I found interesting and definitely worth checking out.

Amelie Bar

Located right next to Palas Hotel, Amelie is a trendy bar and reminds me of all those French bistros. The interior design looks appealing and most of the visitors are locals who come from downtown Belgrade. The bar has an extensive cocktail and wine list, several types of beer, and sangria. There is also an upper level where it’s cool to sit down and relax if the ground floor is crowded.

Amelie Bar

Mikser Garden

This place used to be a warehouse before it was turned into an alfresco bar and an art gallery. It is usually crowded during the summer season and industrial music is blasting from the speakers. I’ve seen a lot of trendy local girls hanging out here and most of them were really friendly. Some of them were grinding on the dance floor, while others were chilling at the bar and talking to their friends. Weekends at the Mikser Garden are often reserved for 80’s nights when the DJ’s play all those trashy MTV hits that everyone likes rocking out to.

Club River

Probably the trendiest club in Belgrade, Club River is a summer club that is located next to the Sava River. This place is huge and it has all those cool neon lights that you could see from the outside. The music is kind of loud, so if you try hitting on girls here it may not work out as you have planned, especially if you are talking to them in English. What I also like about this place is that it attracts all kinds of visitors, but you should know that the parties here start quite late.

Club River

Dali Bar

Located right in the center of Belgrade, Dali Bar is famous for its interior that is inspired by the famous Spanish artist and also for cocktails. They play all kinds of music, from disco and soul to tech house. Prices are quite affordable at Dali Bar. Cocktails cost around 4 euro, while domestic brandies and beer can be bought for 2 euro.

Where to Stay in Belgrade

When it comes to accommodation, Belgrade has a lot to offer. There are many old-school hotels that are renovated, some modern 5-star hotels that were built recently, and a large number of apartments and hostels that not only cost peanuts, but are also nicely furnished, spotless, and are run by friendly hosts.  Soul House Apartments, Green Studio Hostel, and Hostel Bongo first come to mind when we are talking about value for your money.

If you decide to stay in a hotel, I suggest going to Hotel Moscow, Belgrade Art Hotel, or Hotel Mint. You will pay around 15 euro per night for a hostel, while a night spent in a hotel in the center of Belgrade will cost you from 30 to 90 euro.

Belgrade Art Hotel

Neighborhoods in Belgrade

Home to the Zoo, Skadarlija, Kalemegdan Fortress, and the main street Knez Mihajlova, Stari Grad is a perfect place for a stroll during the day. Novi Beograd is reserved for residential buildings and companies and is divided into blocks, while Dorcol is the oldest part of the city and is also known as “The Silicon Valley” because of all the hip clubs and attractive girls with fake boobs.  If you like to party, go to the new clubbing and cultural destination in Belgrade, called Savamala.

Belgrade Girls

Girls in Belgrade are very beautiful. Most of them speak English or at least have the basic knowledge to be able to communicate with people from other countries. If you are looking for girls who dress as provocative as possible, you should probably check out the floating river clubs, also known as “Splavovi”. The parties there are unforgettable and tourists from all over the world come here to check what it is all about. Serbian girls are known to be open minded, charming, and quite easy to talk to.

The best approach is to start a conversation with a girl in a bar, offer to buy her a drink, and see where it leads to. You can also use Tinder if you’re in the city and don’t feel confident walking up to girls, but a straightforward approach is usually what most of the girls here are used to. You may end up being rejected, getting a phone number, or in some cases maybe taking the girl to your or her place.

Belgrade Girls

Dating in Belgrade

I personally know several people that are foreigners who are living and working in Belgrade and are dating local girls. They met either on social networks or in bars and clubs. Of course, in some cases, tourists end up dating a girl from Belgrade, and some even move to the country just to avoid the whole mess that comes with long distance relationships. There are many places where you can take a local girl on a date in Belgrade.

The city has a lot of parks that are perfect for long walks, sightseeing spots such as museums and galleries, cinemas, and of course a number of amazing bars that can be just the right place for that first date.

For instance, Caruso restaurant is a romantic place that offers panoramic views of the city. It is perfect for a dinner date. There is also the Iguana Bar with its unique interior and quiet jazz tunes. Avala Tower that offers amazing views is also one of the hot spots for the first date. Check out the Wine Bar if the girl appreciates a nice glass of fine local and International wine.

Belgrade Dating

Belgrade is a wonderful city with many sightseeing options, bars, clubs, restaurants, and places to meet cool girls. The city attracts a lot of tourists and the locals are quite friendly. These are just some of the reasons why visiting Belgrade may easily turn out to be an unforgettable and a truly unique experience.

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