Bratislava City Guide: Fabulous Architecture, Cheap Drinks, and Beautiful Girls

Bratislava Girls

The capital of Slovakia, Bratislava is a beautiful city that has become a popular tourist destination over the last couple of years. Travelers who are looking for a budget-friendly vacation and smaller crowds will definitely like what the city has to offer. Explore the main attractions, such as the Devin Castle, Church of St. Elizabeth, Roland Fountain, and Bratislava City Museum.

Bratislava  offers plenty of activities throughout the year including summer festivals, river cruises, and ice skating in the winter. Stunning architecture, tasty food, and hot Slovakian girls are just a couple of reasons why many people come here.

Top Bars and Clubs in Bratislava

Bratislava is famous for its amazing cuisine and hundreds of cool bars and clubs where you can party until dawn. Here is a short list of my favorite bars and clubs in the city.

Meštiansky Pivovar

Located next to the Crowne Plaza Hotel and just a short walk from the main shopping street, Obchodna, Meštiansky Pivovar was opened in 2010 and spreads across three floors. Originally, it was one of the first breweries in Bratislava which dates back to the 15th century.

Besides serving light and dark forms of Pilsner beer, Meštiansky Pivovar offers traditional Slovakian dishes to its visitors. Try the smoked beef tongue and the chili burger with cheddar cheese. Both are delicious are cost peanuts. They also serve homegrown rum and have an extensive whiskey list.

Best Bars in Bratislava

Drink in Gallery Andy

Drink in Gallery Andy is located close to the Bratislava Castle and was named after the famous Andy Warhol. Shaped like an old train with art exhibitions dedicated to the works of Andy Warhol, this tiny bar offers a nice selection of wines and beers.

There are plenty of board games to choose from and sometimes the bar hosts live music performances. The crowd consists of both locals and tourists. Keep in mind that Drink in Gallery Andy is usually crowded during the weekends and they accept cash only.

Best Bars in Bratislava

Lemon Tree

Located in the Old Town and close to the American Embassy, Lemon Tree is a great place to have a drink and meet some hot chicks. It is a very popular place and attracts large crowds of visitors. What I like about the Lemon tree is that it consists of 3 bars and all of them are amazing.

On the ground floor, you will find the Lemon Tree Bar that focuses on cocktails, while in the basement there is the Rum Club where you can try 250 kinds of rum. The third bar is called the Sky Vodka bar. It is situated on the top floors and offers spectacular views of the city.

Best Bars in Bratislava

Nu Spirit Club

If you are searching for a real Bratislava nightlife experience, head out to the Old Town and check out the amazing Nu Spirit Club. There is a non-smoking stage and a separate smoking floor, as well as a long bar where you can order a variety of drinks including wines, beers, and cocktails. The music varies from jazz and blues to hip-hop and house.

Keep in mind that the entrance will cost you 2 to 10 euros depending on the party and the doors are open from Wednesday to Saturday. I recommend going to Nu Spirit Club on the weekends when it is packed with hot girls.

Best Bars in Bratislava

Bratislava Girls

Girls in Slovakia are known to be well-mannered, easy-going, and friendly. They are quite different than other Eastern European chicks from countries like Russia and Ukraine in terms of both looks and attitude. What I like about girls from Bratislava is that most of them have this certain type of gracefulness and a sophisticated appearance.

When it comes to the nightlife in Bratislava, it’s rather quiet during the weekdays and you won’t see a bunch of Slovakian girls partying hard in clubs on a Tuesday evening. If you wish to meet a girl from Bratislava in a bar or a club, it’s better to go out on Friday and Saturday. The good news is that most of the Slovakian girls I met over the years love to go out dancing.

Bratislava Girls

Dating in Bratislava

Meeting girls in Bratislava is quite easy, but you need to be aware of certain things before going on this journey. First of all, not all girls from Slovakia speak English, which makes it difficult to communicate. Keep in mind that Slovakian chicks are quite different than American girls and usually don’t spill out their life story after two shots of hard drinks. Most of them are friendly, but you will need to be patient in order to win their hearts.

If you are wondering where to meet a girl in Bratislava, I would suggest both online dating and walking up to girls in a bar or a nightclub. Both options work just fine. In case you decide to go online, it’s best to start your search before you come to the city. This way you will save time and already have a few dates set before your plane lands. Of course, you can always go to a bar during the weekends and hit on girls there.

Dating in Bratislava

Tips and Facts about Bratislava

Here are a couple of tips that will help you get settled in the city. If you are from Europe, you don’t need a visa to enter Slovakia. There are many airlines operating in the city including Ryan Air, Smart Wings, Utair, and many others. A standard meal in the city will cost you between 4 and 8 euro, while beer prices range from 1 to 3 euro depending on the bar/nightclub.

Getting around the city is easy, as there are buses, trams, and trolleys. The public transportation is reasonably priced and costs less than 1 euro. Keep in mind that it is forbidden to drink on the streets in the city, especially in the Old Town. As for the best neighborhoods to stay in, Bratislava is divided into 5 districts.

It’s best to stay in the Old Town, simply because most of the tourist attractions and nightclubs are located in this part of the city. For couples and families, I suggest looking for accommodation in Palisády, a quieter neighborhood close to the center of Bratislava. Travelers who are interested in communist architecture should check out the Petržalka district.

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