Brazil Cupid Review: Meet Brazilian Women Online

Meet Brazilian Women Online

If you’re looking for Latin love and, more specifically, you’re looking for Brazilian women online, then Brazil Cupid is the dating site that you need to sign up for. Brazil is a country of beauty whether you are looking at the lush tropical landscapes, the beautiful cities… or even the beautiful women. And these women are looking for men, just like you, who can take them out of Brazil and give them a life in the Western world… a world of opportunity.

In this Brazil Cupid review, we will look at the benefits of using the site, why you should, as well as the few drawbacks the site has. Women in Brazil are eager to meet men from the West and many of them have already learned, or are in the process of learning, English just so they can make this process easier for both of you.

So, let’s learn about Brazil Cupid.

Brazilian Woman

Brazilian woman want men just like you. They have signed up for Brazil Cupid, a dating site hosted by Cupid Media, to do just that. There are many women on this site and they look for men who reach out to them, so sign up and do it!

These women want to get out of Brazil. They want something and someone different than what is available to them in their home country. They want better men, they want better opportunities, and they want better… well, everything! And YOU can provide that to them.

Brazil Cupid has over 1 million members and that means there are many Brazilian women waiting for you to just send a quick message. Who knows where that message could lead?

Brazil Cupid Review

Using Brazil Cupid

Signing up for Brazil Cupid is super easy and you can do so for free. When you sign up for your free account you can search around the site and get a sense of what it’s about, see what type of women are on there and who you might want to talk to. You can upgrade your membership at any time to either a Gold or Platinum membership and each has its benefits depending on how you want to use the site.

You can opt in for a free 24-hour premium upgrade so you can see how the site works if you were to upgrade it. If you really like how it works, then they obviously want you to continue that membership.

It’s best, if you do plan a trip to Brazil, to plan to meet several women on this trip. Talk to many women and choose the women that you would like to meet while there. Make the arrangements for the dates to meet them during the time you will be there and enjoy the time you spend with them.

Now! More about that…

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The Brazil Cupid Game

The best way to go about meeting Brazilian woman on Brazil Cupid is to search for qualities that you would like in a woman, and then just send simple messages, like a “hello” or even just an emoji. If you get a response, you can ask them if they speak English. If they do, start up a simple conversation. Play it cool and be yourself just as if you were meeting anyone locally.

Ask if you can contact them off-site, on an app like WhatsApp or SnapChat. Maybe you can even FaceTime or Skype with them so that you can get to see them face to face. This would be ideal so that you can get a real sense of who they are and if you would be compatible if you were to meet in person should you actually plan a trip to Brazil.

If and when you do plan a trip to Brazil, any dates should be simple and relaxed. Plan a meeting in a park where you can walk or sit on a park bench and talk while you have coffee. Maybe you can even have lunch at an outdoor cafe. The bottom line is that it should be a no pressure situation for both of you. The goal is to get to know each other.

Benefits of Brazil Cupid

There are a lot of benefits of joining Brazil Cupid to meet Brazilian women.

The Brazil Cupid Site

They have posted right on the top of their website that they have over 1 million members. That is a lot of members and you know that there are going to be a lot of women there that you can meet and virtually mingle with.

If you upgrade your membership you can message with more women and upgrade your chances of meeting the right Brazilian woman for you. The memberships are reasonably priced for what you get and you don’t have to sign up for long term if you don’t want to.

Women on Brazil Cupid Want to Meet You

There aren’t as many interesting men in Brazil as you might think. That makes you a hot commodity if you were to go down there and meet them in person. To these Brazilian woman, you are interesting and exotic. You can give them an opportunity they wouldn’t otherwise have. Plus, with so many Brazilian women on the site and not as many men, your chances of meeting the woman that you will share interests with is higher.

The women on the Brazil Cupid site are going to want to impress you. They are going to want to entice you to come visit them so they can show off just what they know and why they are the right woman for you. They want to find a good guy that will take care of them and they know that person is you and they can find you on Brazil Cupid.

If you are visiting a certain city in Brazil, such as the biggest city in Brazil – Rio, and they live outside of that city, you should pay their fare to get them there so you can visit. This gesture will go a long way to impress them as well!

The Brazilian women on Brazil Cupid aren’t on the site to play games like the women on Tinder and other dating apps. These women mean business. They want real relationships, and they know that you do as well.

Brazil Cupid Review

Drawbacks of Brazil Cupid

As with any site, product, or service there will always be some negative aspects. Nothing is perfect as we don’t live in a perfect world. There aren’t many drawbacks to the Brazil Cupid dating site, however. But this wouldn’t be a Brazil Cupid review if we didn’t include them.

Running Out of Girls

It can happen on any dating site, and it has happened on one other Cupid Media site in the past as well. However, Cupid Media works hard to bring in women to all of their dating sites that they work on in every country they they operate in so that this doesn’t happen.

If you sign up for the monthly membership instead of a longer term one, you have the option of leaving the site and coming back when there are more women available and possibly the perfect one for you.

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Membership Fees at Brazil Cupid

Free dating apps, like Tinder, tend to bring out the people who want to play games. If you want to see real results, you are going to have to go to real sites and that means paying a membership fee. However, the membership fees at Brazil Cupid are fair for the features that you get at each membership level.

For one month of a Gold membership, you will pay $29.99 and for one month of a Platinum membership, you will pay $34.99.

Although there are fees associated with getting great results at the site, my Brazil Cupid review found that there were a lot of features that made membership worth the price:

  • Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Mobile access so you can search for women and chat with them on the go
  • Personalized matchmaking services
  • You can watch videos
  • The ability to favorite your “favorite” women
  • You can communicate via instant chat or private email
  • Searches can be basic or detailed

Meet Brazil Women

Is Brazil Cupid Worth It?

Do you know how to speak Portuguese or are you willing to learn? Or are you willing to help a Brazilian woman learn English? Or, do you think a Brazilian woman who speaks English with a Portuguese accent is really, really sexy? Are you looking for a woman from South America who is, herself, looking for something new and exciting? Someone like you who can take her somewhere she’s never been before?

The women on Brazil Cupid are looking for men like you and if you’re willing to take the time on the site to find the right women, and to go to Brazil to meet them, you will most likely find the woman that will be your soulmate and lifelong partner. Signing up a Brazil Cupid is most definitely worth the cost and time you put into it.

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