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Top Reasons Why to Date a British Girl

British girl

She’s got a Lovely Accent The British accent is probably one of the sexiest accents in the whole wide world. It’s no wonder that many of the guys out there who dream of dating a British girl because of her accent, among other things. If you play your cards right, a British girl may even […]

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Things You Should Know About French Girls

French Girls

Many guys out there have once in their life fantasized about dating a French girl. It’s quite normal since women from France are well-known for their beauty, intelligence, and charm. Going out with a chick from France can be a thrilling experience, but if you are coming from another culture there are many differences that […]

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Tips on Dating Czech Girls

Czech Girls

Czech girls are extremely attractive and gorgeous. They have this unique type of charm that makes them irresistible to many guys. The good news is that most of the girls from bigger cities speak good English, which makes the communication easy. If you want to date a Czech woman, it is important to learn a […]

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9 Things You Should Know About Italian Girls

Italian Girls

Known for their attractive looks and cheerful spirit, Italian women are on every man’s dating bucket list. However, if you are thinking about dating an Italian Girl, you will have to go the extra mile and win her heart. Here are a couple of pointers about Italian girls in general and what they look for […]

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Getting to Know and Dating German Women

German Girls

If you are a foreigner who is visiting Germany or an expat who is living here, you will probably want to meet a girl or two during your stay. I have a friend from England who once told me how he went to Oktoberfest in Munich and was surprised that most of the girls don’t […]

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Berlin City Guide: A Hipster Paradise that offers Excitement and Adventure

berlin main

Known for its historical landmarks, architecture, and vibrant nightlife, Berlin is  one of the most popular cities in all of Germany. It attracts millions of visitors yearly. From business people and families with children, to alternative students and artists. What makes Berlin different to other cities in the country is that its residents come from […]

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