Chinese Girls: How To Get Them Home

Dating in China

jWhat the world is missing out on is Chinese girls. With the hype being around Japanese and Korean girls, Chinese girls get left in the dust. For those reading this, you are in luck! The market is still left untapped and ready for you. From their cute smiles to kitchen skills, Chinese girls will have you falling for their traps and their country in no time.

Chinese Culture

Chinese girls are still upheld to the traditional feminine gender roles. Although more and more girls are getting jobs, the majority are still performing old school matriarchal duties. These duties are pretty much common sense; meaning that their roles include: cleaning the house, taking care of money and taking care of the children. The gender roles differentiate by which are of China you are traveling in. Chinese girls that come from the city may be more independent, as well as less conventional. Girls from the country tend to be more traditional. 

Like most of of the country, Chinese girls have become increasingly fond of Western culture. This gives you an advantage while you are out hunting game. Being a foreigner in China is a HUGE plus when you are trying to get laid. Chinese girls just like white guys. If you are the typical tall, blonde hair blue eyed dude, you’re going to be a celebrity (and get lots of Chinese girls). Be prepared. These women will try to make you a boyfriend.

Chinese girls

What Are Chinese Girls Like?

Holding the traditional gender roles means holding femininity. Chinese girls are very girly, sweet and stunningly beautiful. hat differs Chinese girls from the rest of Asia is how sweet they are. In China, they are valued by these traits so they use this to their advantage as much as possible. The cutesy act (called sa jiao) is apart of women’s culture and is used to have men do whatever they want.

There are tons of girls to choose from depending on where you are. They are not as niche and quirky as Japanese girls, however, you will be able to find a type you like. Physically, Chinese girls are attractive and have pretty good bodies. Money plays a huge role in how pretty girls are. Northern Chinese girls are tall and soft with rounder faces. Whereas Southern girls are a little bigger but still really sexy.  Regardless of your province, Chinese girls have the biggest tits in Asia hands on… down.  

Due to the traditional taboo revolving around sex, Chinese girls are generally less sexually experienced than you. This isn’t a bad thing though. I’ve found that Chinese girls tend to be more flexible in bed and willing to try new things. Girl on girl play, toys, crazy positions. They are horny just like the rest of us and it shows once you get behind closed doors. They are curious and want you to feel good, which is always a good trait to have in bed.

Chinese Food!

One thing we had to bring up here is how good the Chinese food is that these girls make. Time to ditch the shitty take out you’re used to and have a Chinese girl make some grub for you. You don’t have to feel guilty either! Chinese girls are eager to please and enjoy making food for their man. Depending on what province of China they are from, you will taste food like you’ve never had before. This rule doesn’t always apply to girls from the city. They tend to not be as good at cooking than their rural sisters.

Game in China

Getting a Chinese girl in bed is different than in the Western world. Chinese girls are usually hiding behind their feels and do not react to your smooth talk. Anything you would say or do to pick up a white girl, do the exact opposite for Chinese women. You can easily screw up and lose a potential lay if you say the wrong things.

Getting laid in China is a lot easier when you know Chinese. As foreigners, they don’t expect us to speak Mandarin or Cantonese, so really blow them away when you use your funny white guy Mandarin while you are on a date. I used Rocket Chinese for the best free language learning before I went to Shanghai and Chinese girls loved it. They thought I was cute, but hey it did the job.

Chinese girls

You Love China

I would say fake that you love China while you’re on a date, but you will end up loving it anyway. Knowing some key China facts before you go will help. Learn about your favorite dishes, cool spots in the city you’re going to be in, etc etc. 10 times out of 10 she will be smiling when you tell her how much you love her country. If you’re really desperate, tell her you’re settling into China and want her to teach you the way.

Compliments For Chinese Girls

Focusing on the good aspects of your date, and letting her know, will greatly increase your chances of getting her home. Different from white women, you can’t just say, “You look beautiful” and expect an in. Chinese girls want to know what looks beautiful on them. They want to make sure you don’t say this to just any girl. Feed her specific compliments like, “you look beautiful in that dress” or “your hair color looks beautiful on you.”  

Overdoing the complement is not a bad move here. Specifics, remember? Move away from the general complement and really be persistent. You can exaggerate and come up with the craziest complements and Chinese girls will love them. Talk about her personality. Find out what she does for a living, her education and most of all… tell her she’s CUTE. As we mentioned, the culture of Chinese women is to express their cuteness and femininity.

The Do Not’s

There are a few do not do’s when you are attempting to pick up a Chinese girl. Never call her funny. The term funny for a girl carries a negative stigma in China, you’re better off saying she’s cute. Don’t be overly funny with sarcasm and jokes. Sarcasm is not commonplace in China and Chinese girls won’t take a liking to it. When they ask how many girls you’ve been with, flat out lie. Telling your truth will result in failure.

Girls in China

Dating Apps

There are plenty of dating apps to find Chinese girls in the mainland. The best I’ve used was ChinaLoveCupid for the hooking up with the hottest girls and easiest way to get started talking to them. Sign up for ChinaLoveCupid now and lock in your date before you get into town!

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