Colombian Cupid Review: Online Dating in Colombia

Colombian Cupid Review

As soon as one hears the term online dating, most thoughts go to Tinder. While Tinder has became a worldwide phenomena, the Cupid websites have remained the best ways to meet hot girls in different countries. We decided to start the series with a Colombian Cupid review to weigh the pros and cons of this site we highly recommend.

Tinder vs Columbian Cupid

When you opened up this Colombian Cupid review, first thought was probably why? Tinder is free, I’ve gotten lots of success banging girls on it, and I just want a fun time. We get it. However, Tinder is not created equally in every part of the world. For Colombia, there are chicks out there, aka gringo hunters, who swipe right on tons of white dudes in hopes of getting laid. This is their tactic to endless tagteams by white dudes… yea.

Fortunately for you, this Colombian Cupid review may help you decide if you still want to bang a dirty girl while you’re in Colombia. First of all, girls on Colombian Cupid are a little less… slutty. You have to pay for the site. I know you must be dying but think of the exchange rate and spend the extra bucks. Girls on Colombian Cupid are less likely to be getting railed out every night by white dudes. They are looking for something a little more classy. If you don’t believe, try both then come back and let us know which worked better for you.

Colombian Cupid Review

Why Colombian Cupid?

Should you be asking this question, we don’t blame you. Justifying paying to talk with girls may be hard to digest at the moment, but will pay off in the end. Let’s talk about the pros for this Colombian Cupid review and decide if you are going to get your monies worth.

Hot Colombian Girls

 The chicks that use Colombian Cupid are better quality than any you’ll meet on Tinder or at a club.You will meet the sexiest Colombian girls on C.C. over Tinder and there are plenty to choose from. Which bring us to our second point.

Endless Amounts… of Hot Colombian Girls

Yes. In cities like Bogota and Medellin, you will have tons of success using C.C. These girls are hot and you can find any body type you are looking for. The site welcomes thousands of girls between 18-30 ready for your taking. Why? Dudes don’t want to pay for the site. This is your advantage over other gringos who are out banging dirty chicks all night.

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Meeting up

Focus on the girls that are active on Colombian Cupid. If you have the slightest bit of skill in getting chicks, you will end up with a date. Don’t ask her ahead of time if she is looking for a boyfriend or not. You never know. She may want you to take her back to the United States… or simply back to your room. Many Colombian Cupid review pages say that the flake rate is lower on C.C. than other online dating sites.

Colombian Girls Like Foreigners

Colombian girls on C.C. tend to want foreign guys more than girls you’ll meet in other spots. She can meet a Colombian guy anywhere, so why else would she be seeking out dudes on C.C.. Added benefit to why you should get on Colombian Cupid as soon as you decide to go. These girls are not as easy as Tinder girls, but they are not the hardest to get home either.

Colombian Cupid Review

Cons of Colombian Cupid

After you read this Colombian Cupid review, you’ll most likely end up signing up before your trip. To be fair, we should give you a few of the downsides to C.C.. Not all online dating sites are going to be perfect, you know.


If you’re superficial, you’ll notice the site hasn’t been updated in quite some time. Not the end of the world, but the site doesn’t offer the quick and easy features like Tinder. Regardless, Colombian Cupid is completely functional and will hook you up with Colombian girls in no time.

Meeting A Gringo

The jigs up! You are not her first white guy that she’s met up with before. Don’t think you are. I enjoy knowing that she is not out getting wasted and banging all my gringo friends every night though. Just because they have went on a date with a gringo before doesn’t mean she sleeps with all them. Or it can, you don’t really know. However, we are saying the odds of this is much lower. Believe it or not, there is a dude who have a Colombian Cupid review page and claims to have met a virgin.

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Cost Effectiveness

The money thing, we get it. But, what we are getting at is that by reading this Colombian Cupid review you are ready to take out the credit card. Why? Because the site will be a game changer for your trip should you be there for a week or two, or for a few months. The investment is worth it and you can start talking to girls ahead of time! Don’t have to wait until you are there and trying to find WiFi so you can swipe. Think of the carpal tunnel man.

Gameplay For Colombian Cupid

Before we wrap up this Colombian Cupid review, we should give you a few pointers on your game play before getting over there. We’re nice guys, we want you to get laid and we want you to have fun. So let’s do this.

The average traveller is spending, I want to say, two weeks in Colombia. Ranging between a week and a month, whatever. The point is, this game plan can stay the same if you are going within these time frames. If you are going for the long haul, you have to adjust your game a bit.

To start, begin by signing up for Colombian Cupid ahead of time and start talking to Colombian girls. Shoot for two weeks. Two weeks will give you enough time to talk about what you need to talk about, exchange some photos, etc., etc. The two week wait will keep them in suspense too, so when they meet you they are even more excited. The benefits of countering immediate gratification.

The opener should be straightforward and to the point. Ask if they speak English right away. If she does, you can continue the conversation casually. Send her pictures of what you are up to. If you want to get quality girls, you need to bring the presence of quality as well (even though WE know you’re a quality dude). Get her WhatsApp. As we said, C.C. interface blows so getting WhatsApp will make your life better.

Setup date. Stay on her about it until the date happens. Have a good time together and bang her. You’re welcome.

Colombian Cupid Review

In The End

Should you still be discerned because of the money, remember… lot’s of HOT, QUALITY, SEXY Colombian girls. What more do you really want? For $20, I think you will enjoy the experience of banging high quality girls on your trip to Colombia. If you found this Colombian Cupid review helpful for your trip to Colombia, swing over to their site and sign up now!

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