Dominican Cupid Review: It it Worth Your Money?

Dominican Cupid Review

Dominican Cupid is the best online dating site to meet Dominican women while you are in the DR. If you’ve been following our reviews, CupidMedia sites, like Dominican Cupid, tend to supply foreigners with the opportunity to meet hot, local women. Although you have to pay, using Dominican Cupid eliminates the fear of getting scammed by an online dating site. Dominican girls are hot, horny and want to meet foreign guys like you. In this Dominican Cupid review, we’ll discuss why you should invest in a membership and get to banging girls right when you get into town.

Dominican Women

First of all, Dominican women are not for dating. Let’s establish that before we dive deeper into the background of these girls. Don’t come with the intentions of leaving with a wifey. Although the are wildly beautiful, curvy, and amazing in bed… they’re a bit crazy. You’re welcome.

Girls in the DR are known to not have the most attractive faces. With that being true, you won’t be thinking about their face once you get them undressed. Dominican girls have the nicest tits (natural DD’s), thick bodies and plump asses. Are you a guy who loves curvy Latinas? Get your membership for Dominican Cupid now!

Dominican Cupid Review

Using Dominican Cupid

When you get your membership for Dominican Cupid, you can start talking to girls immediately. Before you do, make sure you have a few good profile pictures set up and a friendly profile. You want to captivate them with your foreign good as soon as you can. Why? Because we are going to move off the site quickly to make sure they don’t flake.

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Importance of WhatsApp

If you’ve dated girls in Latin countries before, you’ll know how flakey they can be. That’s why we are going to get them from DC over to WhatsApp quick. Once you’ve locked onto one girl, do a quick profile scan. Any English? No. Message her in Spanish. You can use a translator here, girls are not expecting you to be fluent.

Almost of all these girls use WhatsApp. As soon as you get her number, start messaging her on the app. Keep her interests sparked. Send photos, voice messages, etc etc. Don’t send too many emojis and shit, girls in Latin America want foreign men, not boys. Talk to her as much as you want until setting up a date a few days before you arrive.

 “On-off Site Method”

What a lot of guys use when they travel through the DR is the on-off site method. This is simply where you message loads of Dominican girls on DC, get lined up, then come off the site. When you come off the site, you can head out into the physical world and try your game at the clubs. Understanding a little bit about the Dominican culture will benefit you, so do a little research before you go.

What this method also does is refreshes your list of women. After you get back on the site, you will find there are different girls from the last time. I like this because you get the best of both worlds: online game and real-world game. You also expand your scope of women.

Benefits of Dominican Cupid

Online Dating in the DR

Best Online Dating Site

Plenty of Fish, no. Badoo, see ya. Tinder, sometimes. We made this Dominican Cupid review to stress the importance of the site for your game in the DR. No online dating site in the Dominican Republic produces results similar to Dominican Cupid. Yes, it involves a little bit of cash but everything is less expensive for foreigners with exchange rates.

Lots of Girls

I’m in my DC account right now and there are 532 girls online, right now. There are tons of girls active on the site as well. Like most CupidMedia dating sites, the girls tend to be higher class than free sites. They speak better English and the selection is 10x better! With that, dudes are constantly getting laid of DC, you can’t go wrong here.

Easy or Hard to Get?

Not every Dominican chick you meet on this site is going to jump into bed with you off the bat. On the other hand, don’t be fooled into thinking they’ve never met foreign guys before. They know the game and you’ll probably have to take them out before you get any.

You’ll find a mix of slutty to conservative on DC. I don’t mind this, honestly. The chase is a part of the thrill of getting with a girl. If every girl came over and banged off the bat, the scene would get repetitive. In turn, going out for a date lets you experience the culture, which is a huge part of travelling in the first place.

On the other hand, if you’ve taken this girl out for multiple dates and still haven’t gotten anything, time to move on. Should there be no action after the third or fourth date, you can always jump to one of the many girls you have lined up. Benefit to using Dominican Cupid is having a huge pool of girls ready to go.

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Drawbacks of Dominican Cupid

Girls Want Your Money

Yes. You are foreign, the exchange rate is good. There is no hiding the fact that you have more money than most of the girls on this site. They know that as well, which is why they will try to get what they can out of you. To be fair, this isn’t only on DC, this can be a general statement in many third world countries. However, this occurrence is most prevalent in the DR.

Don’t be turned off if they ask for cab money. That’s normal. Don’t be surprised when you pay for everything. That’s normal too. You’ll be a prime target for your wallet, so smarten up and use your common sense. If they begin asking for an unreasonable amount of pesos, they are probably using you for your money.

Membership Fees

The membership fees are affordable if you want to get laid. Depending on your travels, you can buy a one month, three month or 1 year membership. One month costs $35. If you have crappy Spanish, you are going to need this site to talk to girls unless you are some Worldwide Casanova. Regardless, paying the fees gives you the opportunity to talk to girls ahead of time and speed up the process when you arrive.

Dominican Cupid Review

Is Dominican Cupid Worth It?

Of course. We’re all hard working dudes too. We wouldn’t be telling you to pay $35 if it wasn’t worth your money. Using the site connects you with a lot more Dominican girls, quick and easy. Look at it like this, one date in the States costs you as much as endless dates in the Dominican Republic. Bang the hottest girls as soon as you get into the DR by getting a membership at before you get there!

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