Facts About Girls from Spain

Spanish Girls

Famous for its amazing landscape and cultural heritage, Spain is also known for its gorgeous women with strong personalities. Girls from Spain are attractive, care deeply about their family, and love going out in the evenings. If you are interested in dating a chick from Spain, here are a couple of tips that just might help you get yourself a nice Spanish girlfriend.

Where to meet Girls in Spain

Online dating through apps in Spain is trending over the last couple of years. You will find a number of smoking hot girls from Spain on dating apps like Tinder and Badoo. You can install the apps, set a profile picture, and start browsing until you hit a few matches. The good thing about online dating is that you can set up a few dates before coming to the country.

Day Game

Learning a few phrases in the Spanish language is a good start when it comes to the popular day game. Some girls from Spain will appreciate the fact that you are showing interest in their language, so it’s always better to open in Spanish while approaching a girl on the street.

Night Game

Keep in mind that the nightlife in Spain starts quite late. They usually have dinner around 10 pm and go to bars and clubs after midnight. Since Spanish people love going out, there are many clubs and bars where you can meet some fine looking Spanish girls. If you decide to hit the dance floor, make sure you have the right moves. Your average Spanish girl knows how to shake her hips and dancing is part of her culture.  You can always approach girls on smoking terraces and inside bars if you are not a great dancer.

Spain Nightlife

Spanish Girls have a Strong personality

Spanish chicks are known for their strong personality and character. They don’t tolerate injustices and speak their mind freely without any restraint. If there is something that is bothering a girl from Spain, she will let you know. Unlike some other cultures where girls can be shy and will rather let go of some things than argue and get into conflicts, in Spain it is completely different.

Girls from Spain

Family Comes First

All of the girls from Spain I’ve met over the years told me the same thing: Family is important and comes first. The whole culture in Spain is rooted in family and bond among family members is usually very strong. A Spanish girl is close to her parents and spends the entire feast days and holidays at home tasting those paellas and talking to a bunch of uncles, aunts, and other both close and distant relatives.

In case you get invited to her house, you will definitely need to charm your way through the family. Make sure to bring a nice present for both parents and act respectfully to all of her elderly relatives. Of course, complimenting the grandmother on her cooking skills is a must! The good thing about Spanish families is that once you are accepted, you will get their full support and your Spanish girl will also be impressed of the fact that you can handle things smoothly.

Be Prepared to Eat a Lot

Since girls from Spain have spent a significant part of their lives watching their parents and grandmothers preparing a feast for every single meal, be prepared to be well fed every time you visit. The good news is that Spanish food is delicious and there is always plenty options to choose from. Of course, there is also wine on the table at all times. Your Spanish girlfriend is probably a good cook, so the chances of you being hungry are minimal.

Spanish Girlfriend

Girls from Spain are Very Social

Hispanic Girls are known to be quite social and open to making new friends. They gather with their friends after working hours or classes and usually go out in groups. The thing you need to remember is that you should always try to gain the approval of her friends and be polite, instead of trying to isolate the girl from the crowd. She likes meeting new people, but not at the cost of leaving her friends behind at a bar.

Be Prepared to Deal with Crazy Superstitions

This isn’t limited only to people from Spain, but they have a lot of crazy superstitions in their culture. Don’t be surprised if your Spanish girlfriend tells you that sleeping with a plant in the room can be bad for you. If you purchase a knife of scissors as a gift that means that the relationship will be broken. Don’t purchase clothing of yellow color as a present to your girlfriend, because apparently, it brings bad luck in certain situations.

If you wish to have luck in life, make sure to eat 12 grapes when the clock hits midnight on New Year’s Eve. The craziest superstition of them all is that you should never even think about putting your hat on the bed because it’s bad luck. You will hear a lot of “My Grandma Told Me….” stories, but believe me, it’s better to learn to accept theses superstitions as they are, rather than try to reason with your Spanish girlfriend.

Girls from Spain

Get Used to Waiting

If you decide to date a girl from Spain, you will develop patience to wait. Trying to rush her and explain that it can take less than an hour to blow-dry her hair won’t help you much. In case you are meeting her in the city, bring a book to pass the time. Just try calling her out on being late and all of her passion and strong personality will come right out and hit you in the face. The thing is that this rule applies to both genders and the relaxed attitude towards time is a part of the Spanish culture apparently.

Should I Date a Spanish Girl?

Of course, you should! When you put aside all the cultural misunderstandings, crazy superstitions, and the constant waiting, Spanish girls are worth it and you should not think twice if an opportunity for dating a girl from Spain comes up.

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