Japanese Girls: Getting Laid in Japan

Japanese Girls

Japan has one of the most fascinating cultures in the world, with the women to match. Japanese girls are quirky, sexy and the funniest girls you will meet in your travels. Picking them up is easy too! As a foreigner, you are one step ahead of the competition… all it takes is a little game.

Dating In Japan

What are Japanese Girls Like?

Japanese girls grow up with time on their hands and lots of disposable income. In Japan, single women live at home with their parents until marriage. This means no rent, no utilities and no bills, which in turn leaves them with money to explore. Japanese girls use this time to explore different styles, food and subcultures, giving them a lot of shit to talk about. Even with their poor English, they will be sure to show you a good time.

Japanese girls come in a variety of looks, however, the classic girl normally has pale skin and jet black hair. Some dye their hair different colors, some tan, and some dress like anime characters. Even as anime characters, these women embrace femininity in ways other girls around the world don’t. Regardless, Japanese girl’s dress to impress, expressing their own creative style while looking sexy at the same time.

Compared to other Asian girls, Japanese girls are hands down the best looking. They are cute, petite and generally have larger eyes than other Asians. Japanese girls know how to take care of themselves, leaving this country with a higher volume of 10s than anywhere else in Asia. If you don’t like them at first, they will surely grow on you in a short period of time.

As we said before, Japanese girls know how to take care of themselves. They spend tons of time perfecting their appearance; making sure their makeup is on point, hair looking good and skin feeling silky smooth. Different from girls in the US, Japanese girls stay dressed up even when they are going to the grocery store.

Drawbacks of Japanese Girls

Although Japanese girls are great, they come with a few drawbacks that some dudes may not be into. For starters, Japanese girls do not have big tits or booties, they are skinny. You can find these types of chicks around, rarely, but they are normally taken up already. Whether you end up with one or not, if you are looking for big booties, head over to Columbia and check out their girls.

Japanese girls are passive and submissive when they come to dating game. They will not approach you, smile at you or make direct eye contact until you’ve stepped up to the plate. You have to be a man here. Japanese girls want you to take interest in them even if they want to jump in bed with you right off the bat. This goes for their communication as well. Once you become accustom to their lifestyle and understand how they work, you will being have back to back dates for sure.

Girls in Japan


The English in Japan isn’t very good to begin with. As you start to date more Japanese girls, you’ll see how bad their English is across the board. When you begin to talk with them, talk a little slower and simply your language. Don’t get their shyness confused with that they don’t like you. If you are talking to a chick and she’s quiet, it may be that her English sucks.

If you want to pick up some Japanese words before you head over to Japan, check out Rocket Japanese. Rocket Japanese has free online lessons you can take from your computer. So easy! Knowing a few keywords won’t only get you around town, it’ll get you hot Japanese girls as well.

Finding Japanese Girls


Meeting girls in a foreign country is hard. Fortunately in Japan there are a few solid ways to meet Japanese girls online. If you are from the US, your first go to will probably be Tinder. That’s cool. Tinder is a good way to meet Japanese girls in the major cities around Japan like Tokyo. The girls that use Tinder are more likely to be looking for white dudes than other Japanese dating sites.

Japan Cupid

Japan Cupid is a good way to meet Japanese girls online. The site is not as easy as swiping on Tinder and may land you a long term relationship, but hey it’s a good place to start. After you sign up and browse the girls, you’ll notice the age difference from those on Tinder. Don’t stress it, Japanese girls age really well. A Japanese woman in her 30’s will have you thinking she’s in her 20’s.

Whichever site you decide to use, you have competition. Foreigners and Japanese dudes are doing the same thing on Tinder so you have to stand out. If you get a match, don’t talk to too much. Stay simple and no emojis, Japanese girls see that as girly and will not meet up with you. Similar to all city girls, they are busy. If a Japanese girl likes you, she will want to hang out sooner than later. Get her Line and get to it.

Game in Japan

The game in Japan is different than in the West. Japanese girls are out and about during the day, strolling through cafes and shops. All you have to do is go talk to them. Going up to a girl and chatting them is not weird, like in Brazil.  Don’t worry about the language barrier. It might be tough, but Japanese girls love when guys ask them out, so give it a shot… you might find yourself a date or two.

Still too nervous for day game? Hit the bars at night. Getting Japanese girls while you are out drinking is one of the easiest ways to get laid in Japan. Talk to other guys around and ask where the good spots are. In big cities like Tokyo and Osaka, the club scene is constantly changing. You’ll have competition in these spots with foreigners as well as Japanese guys.

International parties is an easy way to pick up Japanese girls. They sound lame, but they will get you laid. All you have to do is go in there, buy drinks and chat her up. After a few drinks she’ll warm up to you and you’ll be good to go.

Get Laid in Japan

In The Bedroom

Japanese girls aren’t know to be aggressive in bed. As a matter of fact, they are not aggressive at all. Some guys tend to be turned off by their lack of sexuality. Make her feel good. They claim to not have the moves that Western girls have in bed but are willing to learn. Have fun, explore something new. If you’ve ever walked through Shibuya, you’d know how freaky Japanese sex life can get.

Japanese girls are the coolest chicks in the world. They are funny, cute and look good no matter what time of day it is. If you’re a confident dude, you will make a killing in the dating scene in Japan. With the right Tinder profile, you’ll have matches for days as you explore the city. For an even better way to meet Japanese girls, check out Japan Cupid now and start meeting girls today!

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