Latin American Cupid Review: Online Dating Guide

Latin American Cupid

Latin American Cupid is the best way to meet Latin girls while you are traveling. While countries have specific sites (ex: Brazil Cupid), the majority use LAC for online dating purposes. The girls are plentiful, the girls are sexy and they are waiting for foreign dudes like you to chat them up. With this Latin American Cupid review, we’ll discover the different countries you can use this site for, and how it can help you get laid fast!

Where LAC Works

Since we have a separation of site for a few countries, let’s start out with which countries you can use LAC in. It goes without saying that you’ll find more chicks in the capitals of these select countries. However, the site works well for smaller towns and cities you will come across in your travels as well. With that, here is the list of countries you can use LAC in:

  • Venezuela
  • Ecuador
  • Panama
  • Costa Rica
  • Nicaragua
  • El Salvador
  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • Paraguay

What’s great about Latin American Cupid is that the site is used everywhere. You can be in cities like Caracas or Managua and still find a solid amount of girls. Regardless, you will find active girls as a foreigner. Girls on Latin American Cupid are looking for foreign dudes to take them out (and home to their country), giving you the step up. Dudes from Latin countries don’t do as well as white or black guys.

There are two ways LAC will benefit you. One, if you are visiting the previously listed countries. Two, if you are travelling throughout multiple countries in Central/South America. Different from other Cupid sites, LAC works well across the board. Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and the DR have their own, however, active girls still use LAC there as well. This site connects hot Latin girls who want gringos, so take advantage of this opportunity and sign up as soon as possible.

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With that being said, there are a few countries you DON’T want to waste your time on LAC in. In these countries, you are better off using Tinder.

  • Uruguay
  • Chile
  • Bolivia
  • Belize
  • Haiti

Latin American Cupid

Using Latin American Cupid


As previously mentioned, LAC works for you in two ways. Depending on your trip, you can use LAC to maximize the amount of girls you talk to, leading to the amount of lays you’ll get. The site costs money (only REAL downfall), therefore if you are traveling for a few months, you may want to purchase a multi-month membership. This weeds out the men from the boys for women who are searching for guys as well. If you want quality, you’ll have to pay for it.

Buying your membership ahead of time gives you access to hundreds of chicks before you even step on a plane. Set yourself up with a few dates ahead of time. Get excited. I like to build up their interest while keeping their attention. In order to do this, start chatting them up two weeks before you head into town.

Finding Your Latin Girl

Do a quick scan of her profile. Any English? Any special preferences? If she doesn’t use English in her profile, odds are her English is that good. Makes sense. Time to bust out those high school Spanish lessons and formulate a sentence introducing yourself. Don’t worry if you have crappy Spanish, most girls aren’t expecting a fluid foreign guy. Google translated Spanish is completely different than country slang.

After you get a bite, grab her WhatsApp info as soon as possible. Getting her WhatsApp statistically lowers the chances of her flaking on you. Just kidding, there’s really no stats. Based on personal experiences, however, getting her WhatsApp is a good next step. From there you can send texts, photos (no dick pics) and voice notes. If a girl is interested, she will love this and want to meet up once you are in town.

From here, you can Skype or FaceTime if you want. If not, set up a date for after you arrive. The plans are tentative and no one has to commit so don’t feel pressure. Coffee, a drink, dinner, whatever you think she’ll like. In the end, our goal is to get laid and will do what’s necessary to achieve that.

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Benefits of  Using Latin American Cupid

What kind of Latin American Cupid review page would we be without mentioning the awesome benefits of this site. By getting your member you can experience amazing benefits, such as:


Due to diversity of LAC, you can explore the different Latin girls throughout the region, right from your laptop. A huge perk in my opinion. If you want to kill time, discover girls in the cities you want to go to. See what’s there ahead of time. As we said before, you can start chatting them up before you even get there.


Latin American Cupid has over 3 million girls using the site. Lots of these girls are looking for foreign dudes. Best of all, most of these girls don’t expect you to stay around for too long!


Online dating sites, like LAC, have become the most efficient way to get girls. While you are in Latin America, you don’t have to worry about going out to the bars and clubs, hoping to bring home one girl. LAC lets you talk to as many girls as you want at one time. By talking to them ahead of time, you can get dates ready to go right when you get there!

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The quality of girls are top notch versus girls on free dating sites. Girls that use LAC tend to fall into the upper middle class, have degrees and take better care of themselves. They are attractive in looks as well as personality. You can bring these girls home and know they won’t rob your stuff in the middle of the night.

Latin American Cupid

Downsides of LAC

Membership Fees

The real downside to al CupidMedia sites is that you have to pay. They offer different tiered packages, topping off at $35 a month. If you are travelling in Latin America for a while, we recommend offsetting that cost by buying the long term package. Say you are traveling for a year, you can bring your monthly cost down to $12.50 a month. They offer a 3 month membership as well for $23.33. Note, these memberships must be paid in full ahead of time to get the discount. However, if you want to meet and hook up with sexy, quality Latin girls, get yourself a membership before going.

Geared Towards Men

The cost will offset most young readers who are reading this Latin American Cupid review. If you’ve made it this far, you are older or willing to spend the money to meet girls. Excellent. Women that use LAC are not looking for the backpacker types regardless, they want men. Leave the Tinder swapping for those travellers in hostels. We recommend LAC to guys who don’t want to go partying all the time but still want to meet girls and get laid.

Latin American Cupid

Is Latin American Cupid Worth It?

Overall, yes. I use CupidMedia dating sites whenever I am travelling to new countries because of the quality of girls you can bang. If you want top quality, you got to pay for it. Spoil yourself next time to head down to Latin America and get a membership for Latin American Cupid today! You’ll thank yourself (and us!) when your inbox is blowing up with messages from the hottest Latin girls on the market down south.

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