London City Guide: Parks, Museums, and Hot Girls

London girls

With over 15 million of visitors every year, London is definitely one of the coolest cities in the world. This vibrant and multicultural city offers plenty of sightseeing options for everyone and London girls are spectacular in every way. Explore amazing antiquities at the British Museum and take a ride on one of the largest Ferris wheels in the world, the famous London Eye.

Check out paintings from Van Gogh and Botticelli at the National Gallery or take a walk through the lovely Hyde Park. Some of the other main attractions worth visiting in London include the Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, and the Tower of London.

If you are hoping to meet a nice girl in London, there are many opportunities on every corner. British girls are charming, have great taste in fashion, and are definitely curious about foreign guys who are speaking their language. Of course, since London is a multi-cultural city, you will find chicks from all over the world that came here to work or study.

Best Clubs and Bars in London

London is also famous for its vibrant nightlife and I am sure you won’t have a problem with finding an awesome bar or a club to go out in the evening. Let’s check out a short list of cool bars and clubs in London.


Opened in 2010, XOYO is a popular venue in Shoreditch that hosts a number of DJ events and live music performances. The interior is stylish and you can choose to hang out on the laser-aided dance floor or chill at the bar area. XOYO attracts all kinds of guests, from local hipsters to dozens of tourists looking for a good time. The weekends are reserved for DJ’s, while bands and singer-songwriters perform on weekdays.

London Girls


No visit to London is complete without checking out one of the trendiest rooftop bars in the city, the magnificent Aviary. This bar-restaurant consists of an open-air terrace with panoramic views of the city and an indoor restaurant with a cozy interior, jungle leaves, and a fabulous gastropub menu. Order the crisp duck noodle salad as a starter and a flat-iron steak with sauce as a main dish. I am sure you won’t be disappointed. When it’s cold outside but you still want to enjoy panoramic views of the city, waiters are kind enough to offer blankets to their guests. There are also heaters on the terrace.

Best clubs and bars in London

Ministry of Sound

Opened back in 1991 and situated in a former bus depot, Ministry of Sound is one of the most famous clubbing venues in the UK. This place is so legendary that it even has sister clubs in cities like Berlin and Sydney. You will hear a lot of house beats across the four dance floors and various on-site bars. The club was renovated in 2013 and features a brand new courtyard, two balconies, and VIP suite with a viewing gallery. If you are into any form of electronic music, Ministry of Sound is a place you should definitely check out while in London.

Best clubs and bars in London


Located in Shoreditch, Nightjar opened its doors in 2010 and became an instant success in no time. This gorgeous bar includes a low lit room with comfy seating, great table service, and a cocktail list which is divided into historical eras. Jazz and swing music is playing early in the evening, while blues and jazz-oriented musicians take over the stage at 9 30 PM. Since Nightjar is a seating–only bar, make sure to book a table beforehand, especially on the weekends.

Best clubs and bars in London

London Girls

Besides their unique charms and taste in fashion, British girls have a great sense of humor and are super-polite. They grew up watching all those cool comedy shows on British TV, so it’s no wonder that they have that distinctive and sarcastic sense of humor.

A chick from the UK is also well-mannered since she has lived next door to royalty all her life. If by some chance you get to meet her with your parents, you won’t have to worry about her manners. In case you are going over to meet her parents, you better bring a nice present and show some manners at the table if you want to be accepted by the family.

London Girls

Where to Meet a Girl in London

Girls from London love going out at night to clubs and bars to socialize with their friends have a few drinks and dance. What’s great about approaching British girls is that there is no problem in communication, well at least from her side if your English is good enough. Remember all those nights in Italy where you were trying to hit on that cute girl, but her English was so bad that she could barely make a sentence.

Online dating can also be an option in London. Many girls use dating apps, especially Tinder and Get Down. Just install the app, swipe left and right while packing for your trip to London, and maybe you can even set up a date before the airplane lands on British soil.

Dating a Girl from London

Once you start dating a girl from London, here are a couple of tips that just may help you to win her heart:

  • It’s not expected of you to pay for dinner, but you should offer to pay
  • Talk about music with your girlfriend from London or take her out dancing. After all, Rolling Stones and Beatles are from the UK.
  • Don’t assume that she will put out on the first date. You are dating, not on a festival in Brighton Beach
  • She expects you to be upfront and reveal your intensions as soon as possible. It’s a common fact that British girls are straight forward and expect the same from their partners
  • Open doors for her, pull out a chair and act like a real gentleman

Where to Go On a Date with a Girl from London

There is good news and more good news! London is famous for its various spots which are perfect for first dates. You can make a picnic in Hyde Park, watch the sunset over the city from Primrose Hill, or find hidden treasures at Maltby Street Market. In the evening, take her out to a nice rooftop restaurant bar like the Radio Rooftop Bar or Bird of Smithfield. Check out a touring band at the Lexington, a club with the largest whiskey selection in London. You can also go on a Kayak Tour down the Thames River and spend at afternoon together at the Broadway Market.

Where to go on a date in London

Best Neighborhoods in London

It’s really hard to decide which London neighborhoods are better than others, as most of them are unique in their own way and offer something different. If you are planning to shop and would like to see thousands of mansions and villas, stay in Chelsea. Those who like authentic English pubs should definitely check out Hampstead, while Hackney Central is best for green spaces and was ranked recently as one of the best neighborhoods in the city. Dalston district is all about the nightlife and Brixton is reserved for those who are old-fashioned and want to see how London looked back in the day.

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