Minsk City Guide: Undiscovered City Packed With Smoking Hot Girls

Dating in Minsk

Minsk may not sound like the most exotic destination, but the capital of Belarus has become a modern city full of nice restaurants, art galleries, and crowded nightclubs full of hot chicks. Expect to see the picturesque countryside and a number of castles and forts.

There are plenty of interesting places to visit in the city. I like the Minsk Botanical Garden with its diverse flowers and walking paths, as well as the Gorky Park that features an open-air theater and an ice rink.

Some of the other attractions in Minsk include the Belarusian National Arts Museum, Yanka Kupala Park, Pishchalauski Castle, and Cathedral of Saint Virgin Mary. Travelers who wish to learn about the history of the city should definitely check out the Belarusian National History Museum which features a variety of artifacts and exhibits.

The good news is that the number of flights to the National Airport Minks is constantly growing. Airlines such as Lufthansa, Air Baltic, and Aeroflot provide a good connection to the city. There are regular bus lines that transfer passengers from the airport to the main railway station in the center of Minsk.

Best Bars and Nightclubs in Minsk

TNT Rock Club

If you are looking for live music performances of rock bands, TNT Rock Club is definitely a place worth checking out. It is located in the center of the city and also works as a bar and a restaurant. Wednesday nights are reserved for blues music, while on weekends cover bands from the country take the stage.

TNT Rock Club has a nice collection of music showpieces and rock memorabilia. In case you get tired from all the rocking out, there is a nice summer terrace where you can go to chill. Drinks at the TNT Rock Club are reasonably priced and there is a nice selection of beers and wines at the bar.

Best Bars in Minsk

Rich Cat

In Rich Cat Nightclub you will find everything from various events and parties to barmen shows and go- go dancers. Visitors can book tables and the local DJ’s usually play RnB and pop music. The club occasionally hosts concerts, children parties, and weddings.

If you decide to visit the Rich Cat Nightclub keep in mind that there is a casual or elegant clothes dress code. The doors open at 11 pm and the parties last until early in the morning. The good news is that there are a lot of gorgeous Minsk girls here, as the entrance for women is free. Guys need to pay around $10 to enter the club.

Best Bars in Minsk

Cherdak Bar

Located right in the historic center of Minsk, Cherdak Bar is a loft bar that offers an extensive cocktail list. Cocktails are served in jars and the “Prostitute” is one of the most popular drinks here. There is also a nice selection of wines on the menu, but this is probably one of the rare places in the city where you can’t order beers.

The interior of the Cherdak Bar looks inviting with wooden furniture, fine lighting, and cozy sofas. The crowd consists mostly of locals and the bar is usually super crowded on weekends. Some say that drinks are a bit on the expensive side at this non-smoking attic bar, ranging from 7 to 14 USD for cocktails.

Best Bars in Minsk

Blackhall Bar

Blackhall Bar is one of the most luxurious bars in the city located close to the Victory Square. A variety of luxury elements were used to create a rather upscale interior. Expect an interactive light system, iPad on all tables, and impressive LED screens which are placed next to the sculptures. There is also the “Bottle Wall” which creates a huge screen from over a thousand bottles and performs special effects.

Blackhall Bar also works as a restaurant with Asian-inspired and European dishes on the menu. The bar hosts live concerts, company celebrations, and other types of celebrations. If you decide to come here for a meal or a drink, make sure to reserve a table beforehand, especially over the weekends. Drinks are on the expensive side and table prices range from 50 to 100 USD.

Best Bars in Minsk

Minsk Girls

If you are interested in meeting and dating a girl from Minsk, there are a couple of things you should know. Nowadays, everyone says how Belarusian women are the hidden treasure of Eastern Europe, but the truth is that girls from surrounding countries have a similar flare and are also as beautiful as girls from Minsk.

Unlike most women from Europe, Belarusian girls are naturally beautiful and definitely spend less time in front of the mirror doing makeup. Lips full of sticky gloss are not a turn-on for man, as well as cheeks with tons of dry powder.

What I found interesting about girls in Minks is that they cover their bodies more than chicks from countries nearby. They do wear fashionable clothes and sexy dresses but do not dress as provocative as girls from Poland and Russia. Therefore, Belarusian women can be best described as beautiful and feminine with a passion for lasting relationships.

Minsk Girls

Dating a Girl from Minsk

It’s quite easy to meet a girl from Minks. You can go online on dating apps and set up a couple of dates before even stepping on Belarusian soil. Girls from Minks fancy foreigners, but a ticket to dating a woman in a foreign place lies in knowing about their culture and what kind of life they live.

Read up about Belarus and learn a bit of Russian. I am sure the girl will appreciate the fact that you are not only interested in her, but in her homeland as well. If you prefer to meet girls in person than on social networks, both day game and night game work perfectly in Minsk.

During the first days of dating, girls from Minks may seem a bit conservative. For instance, kissing on one of the first dates in public is not something that most the girls here are into. You can go for a close hug and the rest will come with time. You should also be upfront and tell her what you are looking for before taking it too far. She will definitely appreciate you being straightforward.

Minsk Dating

Places to Stay in Minsk

In most of the Western cities, the locals will tell you where the “good neighborhoods” are and where are the “bad areas”. In Minsk, things are a bit different since there is no separation between districts with the distinction of bad and good ones. It is safe to stay in the center of the city as in the suburbs of Minks.

Unlike in other countries and cities where you can find a bunch of hostels, in Minsk, there are only high-end hotels and apartments for rent available. The good news is that you can easily find accommodation at a fair price and most of them are well-equipped with all the necessary amenities.

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