Japanese Girls: Getting Laid in Japan

Japanese Girls

Japan has one of the most fascinating cultures in the world, with the women to match. Japanese girls are quirky, sexy and the funniest girls you will meet in your travels. Picking them up is easy too! As a foreigner, you are one step ahead of the competition… all it takes is a little game. […]

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Thai Girls: How To Get Laid in Thailand

Thai Women

Thailand has become a travellers playground with their high exchange rates, tolerance for debauchery and cute Thai girls. The culture in Thailand is warm and welcoming, giving this country the nickname, “The Land of Smiles”. Thailand was one of the first places I travelled in after South America and I can’t say I was disappointed. […]

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How To Get Filipina Women

Filipina Girls

The Philippines can be your best friend or worst enemy for picking up hot Filipina girls. Although petite and sexy, Filipina girls have been known to lure Caucasian men with the intentions of financial gain and cultural freedom. With the chance of obtaining a visa, Filipina women will latch onto wealthy white dudes with the […]

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How to Date Brazilian Women

girls in brazil

The first thing any guy thinks of when he thinks of Brazil is hot Brazilian girls. Every man’s dream is to get with a Brazilian girl at some point in their lives and very little do. These women are the sexiest on the planet, leaving dudes on the sidelines begging to have a chance. Fortunately we’ve […]

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How To Get Cuban Women to Sleep With You

how to get girls in cuba

With the opening of Cuban tourism to Americans, many of you guys may be wondering what it’s like to pick up Cuban girls in this taboo of a country. Most of us growing up have seen Cuba as a bad, run-down, communist country… and we were half correct! As you settle into Havana, Cuba, you’ll […]

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How to Get Colombian Women


Colombian women are one of the most sought after group of women in the world. From their beautiful booties to their eloquent style, Colombian women are a catch to spend your time with while you’re making way through their country. Emulating their femininity, Colombian women expect to be treated with respect as you wine and […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Polish Girls

polish women

Are you travelling to Poland soon? If you’re hoping to sleep with some wonderful Polish girls during your trip, you’re in luck. In this post you’ll learn everything you need in order to achieve your goal. So get yourself a cup of coffee and make sure you’re comfortable. Let’s get started! Best Cities in Poland […]

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