Things You Should Know About French Girls

French Girls

Many guys out there have once in their life fantasized about dating a French girl. It’s quite normal since women from France are well-known for their beauty, intelligence, and charm. Going out with a chick from France can be a thrilling experience, but if you are coming from another culture there are many differences that you will stumble upon. To gain further insight into the world of French Girls, here are a few general facts you should know before dating one.

Prejudices about French Girls

There are plenty of prejudices about girls from French, but most of them are totally untrue. For instance, whatever you heard, girls from France are not easy. They are also not arrogant and uptight like some may think.

French Girlfriend

French Chicks have a Great Sense of Style

We all know that Paris is the fashion capital of the world, so it’s no wonder that you will stumble upon girls in elegant and attractive clothes on the streets of France. Girls from France are also into accessories that match their clothing. Some of them don’t spend that much money on make-up, but they use a lot of skin creams.

French Chicks

Politics is an Important Topic for French Women

If you are dating a French girl it is expected of you to respect her culture and world view. Politics is important around here and most of the girls I met in France have some kind of political views. If you want to get a deeper understanding of her culture, you should definitely engage a French girl in a conversation about these topics, as they are not shy to speak their mind and debate about social issues.

Dating in France

There is a big difference between the whole idea of dating in France and America. First of all, you won’t find the word “date” in the French vocabulary and French girls don’t usually go on a series of dates like you will see in the US.

You can meet a lot of French girls in bars, restaurants, and nightclubs.  The day game doesn’t work that well in smaller cities, and sometimes it is expected from you to know a bit of French. You can also meet girls online via dating apps.

Dating in France

Women from France are Independent-Minded

French girls don’t have trouble expressing their theories are generally independent-minded. In case you are dating a girl from France, make sure to give her private space of her own.  If she wants to pursue some interests of hers all by herself or meet with her friends, you should support her in every way.

Of course, her independent nature is not a sign of anything bad in your relationship and getting all jealous will not do you good in the long run. French women don’t like emotionally insecure guys, as most of them are super-confident and self-assured.

 French Women Expect to be Wooed and Chased

You can maybe call it old-fashioned, but French women expect to be wooed and chased by men. In case a girl from France doesn’t hear back from a guy, she won’t text him or anything.  She will make it clear that she is interested or not in a person, but it all ends there. It is expected from a guy to make the first step and take things forward.

If you think of playing it hard to get, you will end up disappointed 99% of the time, as French chicks don’t fancy all the endless emotional drama and don’t care for it that much. They are very romantic but at the same time realistic girls who just don’t want to spend time on this nonsense. She also likes when a man is able to make a decision. If you are thinking about taking her out for dinner, choose a place and suggest paying. She will decide if she wants to split the check or not.

Girls from France are Proud of their Culture

Some consider French being snobs when it comes to culture, but it’s really all about them being proud of their language, art, and culture. Learn a couple of phrases in France and I am sure that your French girlfriend will be happy to see how you are showing interest in her culture. Your accent will definitely be horrible, but most of them will find this cute.

Expect to talk about subjects like cuisine, literature, and art with a French girl on a date. Be prepared and read up a bit about French authors and artists before going on a date. Yes, French girls may seem a bit aggressive about the cultural accomplishments of their land, but they are also willing to listen and engage in a conversation about other countries and their cultures.

Girls from France

Things You Should Know When Dating a French Girl

  • Dress nice for a date. Dress shoes and fitted clothes will do just fine
  • Having a neat haircut and a groomed beard (if you have one) is always a plus
  • Make sure to compliment her on her looks
  • Please don’t talk about how much money you make or ask her the same
  • Know what you want: The second you kiss or sleep with a girl from France will mean that you are exclusive.
  • Patience is everything. You may not get a kiss until the second or third date.
  • Don’t talk about prejudices about her country. Go for a couple to make her laugh, but don’t go overboard.
  • Choose a nice place that is not loud.
  • Don’t say that you will do something unless you are sure you will actually do it. This refers to calling, going on a second date, etc…

Forget About Multiple Dating

Unfortunately for some, multiple dating is not really a thing in France and they call it cheating here. I already explained that French girls don’t really date, and once you kiss her it means you are exclusive. Of course, this doesn’t always apply when you hook up with someone at a party or inside a nightclub, but if you are on a date, believe me, you are exclusive now.

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