Tips on Dating Czech Girls

Czech Girls

Czech girls are extremely attractive and gorgeous. They have this unique type of charm that makes them irresistible to many guys. The good news is that most of the girls from bigger cities speak good English, which makes the communication easy.

If you want to date a Czech woman, it is important to learn a thing or two about their culture and what they want it life. Here are a couple of tips and general facts about dating Czech girls.

Czech Women

Where to meet Czech Girls

Online Dating

Meeting girls from the Czech Republic is easy. If you are a fan online dating, install a few dating apps on your phone and start your search. The good thing about using social dating apps is that you can arrange a few dates before you arrive.

Skout, Tinder, and Inner Circle are some of the most popular apps for dating here. Select a couple of nice photos, describe yourself in a short sentence or two, and you are ready to start dating online.

The good news is that most of the Czech girls who are using social media to meet someone are generally interested in dating foreigners.

Walking Up To Czech Girls on the Street

It’s possible! Unlike other countries in Europe where it may be weird or rude to walk up to a girl on the street, in cities like Prague it is quite normal. If you are a foreigner who needs directions on the street, feel free to approach a girl and start a conversation.

Czech girls are friendly and they will help you out. If you sense a sparkle or a vibe, ask for a phone number to set up a date. Keep in mind that walking up on the street to girls works better in larger cities. Avoid stopping girls on the streets in smaller towns.

Chatting Up Czech Chicks in Bars

Since the Czech Republic is famous for its bars and pub crawls, you will have the opportunity to meet some nice looking Czech girls in one of these places. Some guys prefer hitting on girls in nightclubs, but due to loud music, I always prefer engaging a girl in a conversation in a bar.

You probably know that guys from the Czech Republic have a reputation for drinking a lot. Use this as an advantage and walk up to girls in bars sober or at least will less alcohol running through your blood. I am sure she is tired of all the drunken dudes approaching her and will like someone who can start a normal conversation.

Dating Czech Girls

First Date

Let’s move on from meeting girls to actually going on a date with one. Now that you’ve set up a date with a Czech girl, it’s time to bring your A-game to the table.

How to Greet a Czech Girl on a Date

A kiss on the cheek is expected when you meet. Don’t offer your hand, as it seems too distant and might kill the mood. A hug is also acceptable, but that really depends on the type of girl you are going out with.

If you already know each other, bringing flowers on a date is a good move. Roses and Tulips are popular; just make sure to give an odd number of flowers, since an even number is only for funerals. Of course, don’t overdo it with a bunch of flowers and presents. One flower is just about enough for that first date.

Who Pays the Bill

When it comes to who is paying the bill, things are not so clear in this department. Some Czech girls think that it’s okay, while others disagree and say they would rather pay for their own drinks. It’s best that you decide when you see what type of girl you are dealing with.

It is Important to Have Good Manners

Courtesies on the first date like taking off her coat and opening doors for her are recommended. After all, you want to leave a good impression and be a gentleman. Czech girls love when a guy has manners.

When it comes to opening doors, one habit is important to remember. When entering a restaurant, a man goes first. When you exit the restaurant, a woman leaves first.  It’s more about the comfort that manners here, since in most restaurants in the country you need to pull the door to get inside.

Dating Czech Girls

How to Impress a Czech Girl

The best way to impress a Czech chick is to be friendly, warm, and nice to her. As most of them are family oriented, you should ask them about their families and what do they do in life. Czech girls also like when a man respects her independence, but at the same time treats her like a lady.

Girls from the Czech Republic are used to taking care of themselves. By respecting their work and privacy your chances of becoming “the one” will definitely increase.

When Things Get Serious

If by any chance things get serious with a Czech girl and you’re thinking about popping the question, it will be expected of you to ask. She will maybe drop a hint or two and it’s up to you to take the next step.

As for the engagement ring, a traditional diamond is expected. A guy who proposes to a Czech girl should tell her parents over dinner his intentions. Although in the past he needed to ask for permission, today he needs to inform them about the engagement in a semi-formal way.

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