Top Reasons Why to Date a British Girl

British girl

She’s got a Lovely Accent

The British accent is probably one of the sexiest accents in the whole wide world. It’s no wonder that many of the guys out there who dream of dating a British girl because of her accent, among other things. If you play your cards right, a British girl may even teach you some fine British slang.

A British Girl Has Style

The UK is home to some of the world’s most famous fashion designers including Vivienne Westwood and Stella McCartney. British girls dress to impress and follow trends set by other famous Brit girls such as Kate Middleton, Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss, and Keira Knightley. When you walk the streets of London, you will be amazed by the number of nicely dressed girls from Britain. Your girl from Britain knows how to dress for all types of social gatherings including cocktail parties, dinners with family, the races, or romantic dinner dates.

Dating a British Girl

She Has Great Taste in Music

It’s no wonder that Brits have a great taste in music since the country is home to bands like the Rolling Stones, The Smiths, The Beatles, Coldplay and many others. Go together to the famous Abbey Road crossing or see a concert at some of the finest venues in London and other major cities.

Women in the UK are Polite

The great thing about girls from the UK is that they are super-polite. They always say things like “thank you” and are almost never rude in public places. If you need directions on the street, feel free to ask a British chick and she will explain to you in detail where is it you need to go. They don’t like making scenes and always choose to be polite rather than to complain how there is a long line at the bus stop or in front of a store.

She has an Amazing Sense of Humor

British girls are super- fun and have an amazing sense of humor. After all, the UK is famous for its shows like the Office and Monty Python and the Brits are known for their distinctive humor full of sarcasm. Most of these girls have grown up watching some of the best comedy shows produced in the UK and it does not come as a surprise that most of them can make you laugh in any situation. If you want a relationship that is full of jokes and funny comments without much stress involved, go and find yourself a nice chick from the UK.

She is Curious about Foreign Guys

Since Britain is a multi-cultural place and there are many foreigners on the streets, girls here are open to meeting expats and generally people from other countries and cultures. Most of the girls find a foreigner speaking English with an accent a kind of a turn-on. It doesn’t matter if you are an Italian dude with broken English or a French guy who can almost never pronounce things right, British girls are charmed with men who speak English with a foreign accent.

British Chicks

A British girl is Well-Mannered

Of course, she is. After all, she has grown up with royalty and class is one thing she gets embraces from the early age. A British girl is well-mannered, respects others around here, and knows everything about the table etiquette. I bet you that if she was to meet the Queen, she would know how to behave and leave a good impression. A British girl also always prefers to avoid embarrassment and deal with any stressful situation gracefully. Since going through a crisis in every relationship is important, you will be lucky to have someone well-mannered and with a friendly attitude by your side.

She Can Show You the Sights

The UK is famous for its landmarks, historical sites, art museums, and many other cool places worth visiting. In case you start dating a British chick, I am sure she will be more than happy to show you around her city and introduce you to her culture and all the great sightseeing spots. Finding the best eatery for fish and chips is not an easy task, but she knows how to find it. If you want to drink a pint of beer inside an authentic English pub or a beer garden, she definitely knows where it is.

British Chicks Love to Drink

Every guy out there at one point of his life was dating a girl who was into fitness, yoga and wasn’t that much interested into drinking. Some of these girls would even try to hint how you should not drink that fourth pint of beer because it’s not good for you and you can god forbid get a belly. Luckily, British girls like to drink and have been legally doing it since 18, which in reality means since 15. The good news is that she can handle her drink and is probably able to drink more than you.

British Girls

She is Not Easy

I really don’t know why many guys have come to a conclusion that British girls are super easy and up for anything. Maybe it’s because of all those festivals and summer resorts abroad where you can see many Brits having fun, but that doesn’t make every girl from the UK easy.  A British Girl is definitely adventurous, but not it that way.

British Girls are Upfront

Dating can be confusing sometimes, especially as nowadays there are terms such as “hanging out” involved in the whole thing. It leads up to one person overanalyzing everything and being unsure what the other person exactly wants.  Brits like to make it simple and are up front about these things. If a guy asks a girl out for a drink and is not in a circle of her friends, it means it’s a date. British girls always like to know what’s going on, so you should make your intentions clear from the start.

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