Vietnamese Girls: How To Get Them In Bed

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Vietnam has become a popular destination for tourists with their delicious food, beautiful landscape and sexy Vietnamese girls. One of a kind, Vietnamese girls differ from the rest of the SE Asian pack with their conservative culture influenced by China. With conservative culture comes a harder game when trying to bang Vietnamese girls. Fear not dudes, the possibility of banging a hot Vietnamese girl is there and we are here to show you how! From passing your number to online chats, let’s talk about how to pick up a Vietnamese girl next time you are in Vietnam.

Vietnamese Culture

Vietnam is different than their surrounding South East Asian counterparts. The culture of Vietnam runs parallel with China rather than, say, Thailand. Thai girls are more openly sensual with foreigners as well as more likely to be prostitutes. Prostitution is heavily frowned upon in Vietnam so hey, you’re in luck that you won’t get a dirty girl in bed!

This leaves us with the main problem though, getting laid. Vietnamese girls are far more conservative due to their culture and will definitely not sleep with you within the first five minutes. With that, Vietnamese girls don’t like being hit on in public by foreign dudes because of the stigma that comes with it. When you go to give a girl your number, do it on the DL.

Visitors are not allowed in guest hotels throughout Vietnam, like we saw in Cuba. Luckily there is a way around this by doing your research ahead of time. First, never book more than a few nights at a time. Two, tell them you’ll be bringing your Vietnamese girls (well tell them girlfriend) over for a few nights. Odds are they will say yes unless there is a strict policy against it.

Dating in Vietnam

Finding Vietnamese Girls

You’re a smart dude. You’ve probably already figured out that picking up a Vietnamese girl in broad daylight on the streets is hard. It doesn’t happen as easily as online dating. Do yourself a favor and get set up on VietnamCupid ahead of time. You can set up multiple dates for when you get into your city in case a few flake.

VietnamCupid is one of the best ways to meet Vietnamese girls because of it’s accessibility. These chicks are busy, they work, they have lives. The good girls aren’t always out at the bars getting wasted like you hope they would. Banging Vietnamese girls takes a little more work than other areas around the world but trust me… it’ll be worth it.

Get set up on the site with a few good pictures and a friendly profile. You’ll be sure to have Vietnamese girls messaging you almost immediately. You can schedule up coffee dates, drinks, going for a walk. Just be a nice guy.

The funnel for finding Vietnamese girls goes like this:

  • Set up 10 dates on VietnamCupid
  • Go on 5 dates with hot girls
  • Sleep with 3
  • Make 1 a short term girlfriend

Or make none of them your girlfriend! Be warned. Vietnamese girls have a lure to them that will keep you coming back for more.

Dating in Vietnam

What are Vietnamese Girls Like?

Vietnamese girls do not hide anything. They are pretty transparent when it comes to their personality and this might intimidate you. When you grow up in the Western world, you are used to women putting up barrier after barrier. Like come on already, let’s just get to the point. After dating in countries like Vietnam and Brazil, you’ll never want to go back to the States and Europe to find a girl.

Right off the bat, Vietnamese girls will make you feel like a king if they are into you. They will be playful, giggly, cute and all of a sudden, BAM, something changes. When you start to think she’s backing away, she’s actually moving forward. When a vietnamese girl stops letting you in, she is wanting to become your girlfriend.

Depending on her lifestyle, she may want out. This is perfectly normally and you can see it in areas of the world like the Philippines. Women are out hunting for foreign dudes to take them away and give them a better life somewhere else. Honestly, Vietnamese girls would make great wives. This is until after you get past the games that Vietnamese girls play to test what you’re about.

The Dating Games

Vietnamese girls will surely test you as you continue to pursue sexual relations with her. The first step will be to ditch you when you planned an important date. This is her way of expressing control of the relationship. You’re next move will be crucial.

You can one of two ways. Should you decide to shut that down immediately with an added cold shoulder, you look like a player. Hey, if you want that then there you go. Don’t put too much though into her ignoring you for a few days and you will come off as not clingy. With this approach, you are avoiding a whirlwind of drama in your future.

The second response to her flakiness, crawl back to her. The begging method shows your commitment to the relationship as well as your secret commitment to getting laid. Know that this approach comes with repercussions. Be prepared for the worst if you are caught out with another Vietnamese girl after “committing” to this chick.

The Crazy Side

Vietnamese girls are well poise and put together, until you play with them. IF everyone is in for a good bang, all is well. Should you be caught with a second girl on your motorbike or out on the town, prepare for a little piece of hell.

When a Vietnamese girl gets screwed over, she can get crazy. There have been cases of Vietnamese girls coming over and breaking shit, yelling at your in public. This is why you don’t date within the same social circle of friends if you have a rotation of girls. You’re a player, these things happen from time to time.Getting Laid in Vietnam

In The End…

Should you decide to go to Vietnam, be prepared to put work into banging a Vietnamese girl. Although the game is hard on the streets, you can still meet hot girls at bars or through internet dating sites. Which is the best internet site in Vietnam? We exclusively use VietnamCupid to chat up cute Vietnamese girls and get them back to our beds in no time!

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